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Carpet Cleaning Laguna Beach Privacy Policy

We at Carpet Cleaning Laguna Beach respect you and your privacy. We do not engage in email spam or unsolicited phone calls.

There are two primary ways we may obtain information about our visitors. The first is from simply visiting our site. Your computer provides information about itself, including its IP address, pages visited, and if applicable a referring web site. We do not have the technology or time to take this information and make it personally identifying, but we do examine this data to identify ways to improve our website and determine effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

If you fill out our contact form, we obtain and store this information. We use this information to contact you about providing services and cleaning quotes. We will follow specific directions on how to contact you (for instance, by phone instead of email) or if you have a comment and do not want to be contacted, we will follow your directions. We reserve the right to provide this information to a partner company who has committed to similar privacy standards in the case that we cannot personally provide cleaning services to you.

Child Privacy Policy

Carpet Cleaning Laguna Beach is not a site designed for children. Anyone under the age of 18 in not permitted to use our site for any reason.

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